Pixel Force 2 is finally released!

Written on Sep 09, 2017

We're proud to anounce the release of Pixel Force 2!
The successor to the popular Android game PixelForce offers a brand new engine, updated weapons and new worlds!

It's available on the Playstore:

Pixel Force Version 2.4.0 released!

Written on Aug 27, 2015

Hey everyone!

We're proud to announce the release of Pixel Force version 2.4.0 which includes the following changes:

- 20 new levels
- 5 new items(atomic grenade, credit card, deadlier bullet, steroids, mega drink)
- 1 new weapon(atomic grenade launcher)
- daily challenges
- premium mode(removes adds and doubles your daily challenge reward)
- background music & new level finish sound
- new icon
- changes in the look and feel of the game


The updated version is as always availlabe on the google playstore or here:

Tiny Ball Shooter

Written on Aug 05, 2015


Already checked out our latest game on the Playstore? No?
Well here it is: Tiny Ball Shooter

Tiny Ball Shooter is a simple, yet addictive minigolf-like puzzle adventure. Try to shoot the ball in the goal by avoiding obstacles and using many different gameplay techniques like portals, checkpoints and many more!